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Flygirls is a 100% Fly Fishers International club.
The FFi is an international organization committed to education and conservation through the sport of fly fishing. Their efforts extend to “all fish in all waters.” By joining the FFI you will be putting time and energy into fishery resources.

There is no membership fee for Flygirls but we do accept your tax deductible contributions. Currently we are funded by member donations, internal fundraising, and by donations from the fly fishing industry.
For information about how to send Tax deductible donations, email:


  • As a member of Flygirls, you will receive our newsletter that includes notices of upcoming outings and workshops. A list of Flygirls’ names and addresses are also available to all members as a means to set up fishing trips and for other networking purposes.
  • The benefits of the Fly Fishers International membership are many, including a national publication, the Great Lakes Council newsletter, and discounts on booklets on fly fishing and related subjects.

To become a Flygirl, follow these steps:

Step 1. Join the FFI  (  and possess a valid FFI membership number* for your Flygirl application. When filling out your FFI application, the form will ask what club you are affiliated with. ***list your Club Affiliation as “Flygirls of Michigan”.  That’s it!

You will receive all of the benefits of the FLY FISHERS INTERNATIONAL membership,  which also includes the national publication “Fly Fisher” Magazine , the Great Lakes Council newsletter, and discounts on booklets and media on fly fishing and related subjects.

AFTER you have received your FFI Membership Number, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2.  Please fill out the form below by clicking JOIN NOW.  We will be in touch with you soon! *Note:  Your FFI membership number is required.

*** This is an important step in having us being able to recognize you  as a member.   If this step is missed, you will be assigned to a region instead.