IMPORTANT Newsletter Info

Posted by on May 25, 2023

Because of the big increase in scam emails that are using board members names, we decided to remove the newsletter access from the Flygirls web site. It is believed that these scammers pull the names off of the newsletters, so to prevent it, this was the only solution.

Be aware that this probably won’t stop it all together, because this info gets sold to other scam operations. So with that in mind, know that no one from Flygirls would ever request that you do them a favor and send them money or gift cards. If you receive something like this, take a good look at the senders email address. In most cases it will not be correct. That being said, there are scammers who have worked around this and will used the actual address in the from field, but ask you not to “Reply” to it, but rather, click a link to respond of give you another address to respond to. Make it a habit to always check a link in an email before clicking on it, unless you know where and who it is actually coming from.

This is a growing problem for many organizations, so be aware of it.

If you need to access the newsletter but can’t find the link that was sent to you when it came out, or you never received it, just contact Ann or Deb and request it.

Thank you for your understanding.


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