• Wading Safety – A MUST READ for all anglers.
  • Donny & Me ~by Adrienne Rudich
    Whenever I have a serious problem, I know where to turn. The Oracle. This wasn’t just a serious problem. This was a crisis, a make or break situation. My budding grandson, Donny, had the fly fishing bug–big time. In the beginning, I was thrilled and fell happily to the task of preparing him for a lifetime of joy and happiness in Mother Nature’s bosom. I got him his first rod. We bought flies together, read books, subscribed to the magazines and spent countless hours watching videos. He had the fever. Behind the house, we set up a casting course with paper plates at 10, 20, 25 and 30-foot intervals. The day he put the fly on the 25-foot plate 3 times out of 10 I took him, together with four other neighborhood pals, to McDonalds. All you can eat! Then came the moment that I had been subconsciously dreading, “Grandma”, Donny said, “When are we going to really go fishing? I mean really catch a fish?” Wow. …..(more)
  • Under the Weather ~ by Ann Miller
    The wipers swish in soft rhythm as my van turns from north to east, clearing the first light drops of mist from my windshield. It has been nearly four years since I have been up north, but countless previous trips with my husband remind me that this last leg of the trip will take another hour. We had spent innumerable hours exploring Michigan above her knuckles, an imaginary line on the mitten that happened to correspond with the birch line, close to the 45th parallel. We had camped, hiked, hunted mushrooms, bird-watched, photographed wildflowers, cross-country skied, and fly fished in much of northern Michigan, and now its moldy and pine-scented aromas tickle my nose through the cracked window, triggering recollections of prior getaways….(more)